Frédéric PATRAS


Frédéric Patras is Director of Research at CNRS-Université Côte d’Azur.

He is a mathematician, specialised in algebra and its applications in combinatorics, probability and mathematical physics. He authored with Pierre Cartier “Classical Hopf Algebras and Their Applications”, Algebra and Applications, Springer, 2021. He is also philosopher of mathematics, author in particular of  “Contemporary Mathematical Thinking¨, Synthese Library 474, Springer, 2023 and “The Essence of Numbers”, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, History of Mathematics Subseries, Springer 2020. With J.-P. Marquis, he edits the Annals of Mathematics and Philosophy.

Thierry PAUL

06/2022-06/2023 12/2023-

Thierry Paul is Director of Research at CNRS-LYSM.

He is a mathematician and a mathematical physicist. His interests cover a large scope of domains, lately mostly linked with problems arising in quantum mechanics and kinetic theory but also with low dimension topology. He is very much interested in interactions of mathematics with other fields, including philosophy and music. He edited with Michael Schmidt the volume RIGUEUR, Spartacus, Paris 2021 and ran with Jocelyn Benoist the “Réseau Thématique Plurisdisciplaire ” PHENOMATH CNRS INSMI&InSHS. He was awarded the International prize “Tullio Levi-Civita” 2021.

He is the director of LYSM since January first 2024.