LYStriMester ¨Mathematics, what else? ¨

LYStriMester, the thematic trimester of LYSM will hold in 2024 between September 25 and December 24 and will be entitled “Mathematics, what else?”.

LYStriMester 2024 will deal with different applications, impacts, incidences of mathematics in different scientific or not fields.

The heart of LYStriMester will be the Winterschool Arpino1 dedicated to the applications of mathematics to themselves, a transdisciplany journey intramathematics, surrounded by five conferences followed by a large student audience event.

Here is the program, subject to spontaneous changes due to more initiatives.

- Meanlysm: the third edition of Round Meanfield Sept. 23-25  

- Philysm: mathematics impacting philosophy Oct. 7-8 

- Arpino 1 "Applications of mathematics to mathematics" Nov. 11-15 
- Socialysm: Social Sciences and Mathematics Nov. 25-27 
- Ecolysm: Mathematicians meet Economists, and conversely Nov. 27-29 
- Salon de l’Étudiant sur l’IA au Palais Farnèse Dec. 5 

- Biololysm: Towards a Digital Twin Biological approach, what biologists can and dare to ask, what mathematicians dare to and can answer? Dec. 9-10