In this page you can apply for financial support for a mission or a conference.





The applications must be written in English and all the mandatory
fields have to be PROPERLY filled. In particular must be uploaded

  • the letter of invitation by the director of the host institution specifying the exact dates mentioned in the application
  • the full scientific description of the mission/conference
  • the full detailed budget including any other financial support.

Alternative fundings are strongly recommended as not all applications get a positive answer.

Incomplete submissions will not be taken into consideration.

Special rules for demands concerning missions

  • the mission shouldn’t start before two months after the closure of the call receiving the application
  • only public transportation travels to arrive to the location of the mission and to depart from it are funded, taxis and local transportations are excluded
  • meals are reimbursed after providing receipts, for a total amount depending on the length and housing type of the mission, and not exceeding 45 € per day.

Special rules for demands concerning conferences

  • the conference must be geographically located either in Italy or in France and its pertinence for the scientific contacts between the two countries will be taken into account
  • LYSM is highly sensitive to a significant binationality presence in the organization and program of the conference
  • the maximum funding for a conference is 3 000 €.

LYSM encourages a serious attitude in the organization and program of the conference with respect to parity gender issues.


The call for both missions and conferences is open for one month three
times per year: January 1-31, May 1-31 and September 1-30.


The applications are examined at the beginning of each month of
February, June and October by the Scientific Committee. The com-
mittee evaluates the quality of the scientific content of the application,
together with its relevance for the French-Italian feature, and the rea-
sonableness of the financial plan. The final decision is taken by the direction of LYSM after a vote of the committee has been organized.


The decision is communicated to the applicants as soon as possible,
usually in March, July and November.

We kindly ask for patience concerning reimbursement deadlines and for not putting any kind of pressure towards LYSM’s financial and administrative managers.


The successful applicants are requested either to insert the LYSM
logo on the website and poster of the supported conference, or to ac-
knowledge the “financial support of the International Research Labo-
ratory LYSM, IRL 2019 CNRS/INdAM” in the scientific publications
connected by any mean to the funded mission.

WARNING: The execution of these two last actions by the successful applicant will be of fundamental importance for the consideration of new future applications.

You can ask for a financing application by clicking on one of the two following buttons