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Yulieth Prieto

«Cuando salí de mi casa,
con mi bastón y mi hato,
le dije a mi corazón:
-¡Ya llevas sol para rato!
Es tesoro, -y no se acaba:
no se me acaba,-y lo gasto.
…» A. Reyes.

From November 2018 I am a Ph.D. student in Algebraic Geometry at the Department of Mathematics of the Università di Bologna.
My advisor is Giovanni Mongardi.

July 2018- Master 2, Université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, France .
Scholarship by “Centre International de Mathématiques et Informatique de Toulouse (CIMI)”.
July 2017 – Master’s degree in Mathematics, CINVESTAV, Mexico.
Scholarship by “Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (Conacyt)”.
July 2014 – Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Universidad del Norte, Colombia.
Scholarship by “Universidad del Norte”.

research interests
My main area of interest is Complex Algebraic Geometry. I am interested in relations between classical algebraic geometry, and derived categories.
Particularly, I work on :

Automorphisms on K3 surfaces (joint with Alice Garbagnati at Università di Milano)
Moduli spaces of coherent sheaves on K3 surfaces.
Derived categories of coherent sheaves and stability conditions of Hyperkähler and Fano manifolds.
Previously, I was working on Tropical Geometry and Real Algebraic Geometry.

2018-Self-Organized Criticality and Pattern Emergence through the lens of Tropical Geometry. arXiv:1806.09153

2019-Some statistics about Tropical Sandpile Model. arXiv:1906.02802

Aeneas Conference: Migrating Algebraic Geometry, Roma.

Thematic month Complex Geometry CIRM, Marseille.

One day of algebraic geometry, Milan.

Japanese-European Symposium on Symplectic Varieties and Moduli spaces, Zürich.

GAeL XXVII at the “Simion Stoilow” Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest.

Workshop on Derived categories, moduli space, and deformation theory, Cetraro.

Summer School: Moduli and Stability conditions, Hannover.

The geometry of algebraic varieties, Marseille.

Fourth LATIN AMERICAN SCHOOL on Algebraic Geometry and its Applications. December 2nd to 13th, 2019.

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