General presentation of the 2012 INdAM- Cofund programme

The INdAM-COFUND-2012 Programme plans to open
to trans-national mobility the existing INdAM national
programme, increasing the trans-national mobility of
researchers and improving their working and employment
conditions in particular the amount of their salaries.
The programme consists of 3 calls.
Cofunded by

The fellowships to be awarded are of three types:

  1. Outgoing fellowships (with return phase), intended for Italian nationals
    or “assimilated” : 5 per Call
  2. Incoming fellowships, intended for Italy non-nationals from a EU Member
    State (MS) different from Italy, an Associated Country (AC) or a Third
    Country: 4 per Call
  3. Re-integration fellowships, intended for Italian nationals who have carried out
    research in a Third Country for at least 3 years in the last 4 years
    prior to the deadline: 1 per Call

As to the choice of the research programmes, the expression “mathematics and/or its applications” has a very broad
meaning. It includes all the fields of mathematics, applications of mathematics to the natural and social sciences, e.g. physics, biology, chemistry, finance and economics, to computer science, to engineering, to industry and technology and so on.

There is a complete freedom for the fellow of choosing the research institution (provided it is in Italy for incoming and
reintegration, and outgoing for the return phase) (either public or private or when applicable a combination of both) and of the supervisors and/or collaborators most suitable to conduct successfully his/her project. In the Programme it will be fully implemented INdAM policy for fellowships that is based on supporting researchers, selected only on the base of scientific quality, so that they can choose their host institutions, their supervisors, their programs (rather than support institutions or senior researchers so that they can choose their fellows).

The duration of the Programme is 60 months. The total number of fellowships is 30. The total number of fellow-year: 60.

The first Call consists of 10 fellowships, divided in 5 outgoing, 4 incoming and 1 reintegration. The deadline is January 10th, 2014.

Duration of the fellowships

The outgoing fellowships consist of an outgoing phase of 18 months and a return phase of 6 months.

The incoming and re-integration fellowships last 24 months.

Eligibility criteria for Researchers

On the date of the relevant deadline for submission of proposals, applicants to INdAM-COFUND-2012 fellowship programme must be experienced researchers, that is, they must either:
(i) be in possession of a doctoral degree, independently of
the time taken to acquire it
(ii) have at least four years of full-time equivalent
research experience.

Selection process for the fellows under the programme

The calls for the fellowships of the programme are announced on the INdAM website.

The selection committee in charge of the final decision is a Panel appointed by the Comitato Direttivo of INdAM (INdAM Scientific Council).

The evaluation of proposals is carried out by the Panel with the assistance of independent experts (referees).

The Panel allocates each proposal to two referees, taking account of the fields of expertise of them, and avoiding conflicts of interest. Each proposal is assessed independently by the two referees. The proposal will be evaluated against pre-determined evaluation criteria.

Referees perform evaluations on a personal basis, not as representatives of their employer, their country or any other
entity. They are expected to be independent, impartial and objective, and to behave throughout in a professional manner. They sign an appointment letter, including a confidentiality and conflict of interest declaration before beginning their work. Confidentiality rules must be adhered to at all times, before, during and after the evaluation. Under no circumstance may an expert attempt to contact an applicant on his/her own account, either during the evaluation or afterwards.

Appointment conditions of selected fellows

Fellows are recruited under a status equivalent to a fixed amount fellowship, with social security coverage and social

The contract consists of:

  • an amount to be paid directly to the fellow (the
    sum of the living allowance and the mobility allowance);
  • a travel allowance, to be paid to the fellow as
    reimbursement of travel tickets;
  • a research cost contribution (RCC1) to be paid by
    INdAM to the host Institution(s) either by a direct transfer, or as a
    payment of invoices, in the interest of the fellow;
  • a research cost contribution (RCC2) to be paid by
    INdAM directly to the fellow as reimbursement of expenses for the
    direct purchase of any material (excluding hardware) or consumable
    goods needed for his/her research, and of travel and living expenses
    for participation to scientific events.
Mobility type Outgoing Incoming Reintegration (total)
Living allowance (EUR/year) 33.000 31.200 31.200
Mobility and Travel allowance (average, EUR/year) 9.500 11.850 11.850
Research cost contribution 1 + 2 (average, EUR/year) 7.800 7.800 7.800
Total (average) 50.300 50.850 50.850
Number of eligible fellows 15 12 3 30
Duration of fellowships (months) 24 (*) 24 24
Total budget of the Programme (EUR) 1.776.093 1.436.410 359.102 3.571.605
EC Contribution (EUR) 710.437 574.564 143.641 1.428.642

(*) 18 months for the outgoing phase + 6 months for the
return phase