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Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo

INdAM-COFUND Outgoing fellow between 2012-06-18 and 2014-06-17

Project information


MCGM: Minimum Coverings of Graphs with Matchings

Outgoing host organisation                                   Return host organisation

Laboratoire G-SCOP                                                        Universit  degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia

Avenue Félix Viallet, 46                                              Dipartimento di Matematica Pura ed Applicata
38031 Grenoble, France                                                  Via Campi 213/b, 41125 Modena, Italy                                  


The topic of this project is within Graph Theory, in particular it lies in the area of Matching Theory. In the first half of the previous century Hall, Petersen and Tutte laid the foundations of Matching Theory with the theorems which today bear their
names. Their celebrated results give necessary and sufficient conditions for certain classes of graphs to admit a perfect matching.

The main difference between these classical results and the goals of this project lies in the primary object of the
investigation: while the former focussed on the single perfect matching, this project investigates properties of the entire set of perfect matchings of a graph.

The trigger for this kind of investigations can be attributed to the Berge-Fulkerson conjecture, a very challenging open
problem in the field. Around 1970, Berge and Fulkerson independently conjectured that each bridgeless cubic graph G can be covered with six perfect matchings in such a way that each edge of G lies in exactly two of them.

The Berge-Fulkerson conjecture would have two straightforward implications. The first one is that the edge-set of each bridgeless cubic graph could be covered with at most five perfect matchings. The second one would state the existence of three perfect matchings of G with empty intersection. This two natural consequences lead to two well-known conjectures: the former is attributed to Berge himself and the latter to Fan and Raspaud.

We recently proved the equivalence between the Berge conjecture and the Berge-Fulkerson conjecture. This result is the
starting point for a general investigation on properties involving the union and the intersection of perfect matchings of a graph.

Fellow information

Research interests

Matching theory, Berge-Fulkerson conjecture, symmetric decompositions and colorings, fullerene graphs.

Previous positions, awards

  • 2007-2011: Post doc, Dipartimento di Matematica
    Pura ed Applicata, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia

Publications, preprints, other works

  1. S. Bonvicini, G. Mazzuoccolo, A new description of Perfectly one-factorable cubic graphs, Atti Semin. Mat. Fis. Univ. Modena Reggio Emilia 54 (2006), 167-173
  2. A. Bonisoli, M. Buratti, G. Mazzuoccolo, Doubly transitive 2-factorizations, Journal of Combinatorial Designs 15 (2007), 120-132
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  18. G. Mazzuoccolo, The equivalence of two conjectures of Berge and Fulkerson, Journal of Graph Theory 68 (2011), 125-128
  19. G. Mazzuoccolo, An upper bound for the excessive index of an r-graph, to appear on Journal of Graph Theory
  20. G. Mazzuoccolo, B. Ruini, Automorphic chromatic index of graphs with abelian automorphism groups, submitted
  21. G. Mazzuoccolo, Covering a 3-graph with perfect matchings, submitted
  22. M. Bogaerts, G. Mazzuoccolo, G. Rinaldi, Totally symmetric KekulÚ structure in fullerene graphs with ten or more symmetries, MATCH Commun. Math. Comput. Chem. 69 (2013) 677-705
  23. S. Bonvicini, G. Mazzuoccolo , Covering cubic graphs with matchings of large size, submitted

Conferences, schools, other events

  • JCRAA 2012: Quelques aspects de l’entropie en combinatoire
    Lyon, France, 28-29 June 2012
  • International Conference Combinatorics 2012
    Perugia, Italy, 9-15 September 2012
  • Bordeaux Graph Workshop
    Bordeaux, France, 21-24 November 2012

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