L’INdAM ha il piacere di  annunciare il prossimo Colloquium INdAM 2021:

Venerdì 12 Novembre 2021 – ore 14.30

Speaker: Prof.ssa Alessandra Celletti  (Università di Roma Tor Vergata)

Titolo: The Mathematics of Space science: a crossroads between theories and applications

Riassunto: Several mathematical theories have been strongly motivated by problems of Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics. On the other hand, efficient methods to study the dynamics of celestial objects require deep mathematical investigations, thus making Space science a bridge between theory and applications.
To illustrate this scenario I will use three examples that pertain to satellite (orbital and rotational) dynamics. The mathematical tools are (conformally symplectic) KAM theory, Nekhoroshev’s theorem, perturbation methods. The applications are the spin-orbit problem, the Earth’s satellite stability, the space debris dynamics. I will take the opportunity to make some considerations on the link between pure and applied research.

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