This page provides a list of links to software packages developed by members of GNCS; the authors of the software are specified in the linked pages; here only one contact is reported for each package. These research activities have been partially funded by the INdAM Research group GNCS.


·       Reduced order modeling techniques:

For information: Gianluigi Rozza


·       Spectral elements in Elastodynamics with Discontinuous Galerkin:

For information: Ilario Mazzieri


·       Semi-Analytical method for the Black-Scholes model:

For information: Chiara Guardasoni


·       First Passage Time Simulation for Gaussian Diffusion Processes:

For information: Maria Francesca Carfora


·       Fractional Differential Equations and related problems:

For information: Roberto Garrappa


Tools for Delay Differential Equations:

For information: Dimitri Breda


·       Test set for initial value problems:

Test set for boundary value problems :

For information: Francesca Mazzia


·       Constructive Approximation and Applications:

For information: Marco Vianello


·       Multidimensional Iterative Filtering:

Approximation of the Joint Spectral Radius of a set of matrices:

For information: Antonio Cicone


·       Algorithms for large-scale linear matrix equations:

For information: Davide Palitta


·       Matrix Means Toolbox:

For information: Bruno Iannazzo


·       Linear algebra and Applications:

For information: Giuseppe Rodriguez


·       Bootstrap Algebraic Multigrid  based on graph weighted matching:

For information: Pasqua D’Ambra


·       Multi-Level Domain Decomposition Parallel Preconditioners Package based on PSLAS:

Proportionality-based 2-phase Gradient Projection method: 

For information: Daniela di Serafino


·       Software for testing global optimization algorithms :

For information: Dimitri Kvasov


·       Optimization Algorithms and Software for Inverse Problems:

For information: Marco Prato


·       Moving Object Detection Software:

Segmentation of skin lesions in dermoscopic images:

Dataset for detection of moving objects on RGBD videos:

Dataset for testing background estimation algorithms:,

For information: Lucia Maddalena


·       Open-source choreography language for developing correct adaptive distributed systems:

For information: Ivan Lanese


·       Web applications for logic programming:,

For information: Fabrizio Riguzzi